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Rachael Nisbet

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Rachael Nisbet is an Edinburgh based freelance film critic specialising in Italian genre cinema. Her first published essay on the work of Dario Argento is featured in Troy Howarth’s book Murder by Design: The Unsane Cinema of Dario Argento. She maintains the blog Hypnotic Crescendos, and can be found on Twitter @Rachael_nisbet.

Films on which Rachael Nisbet provides commentary

  • *** indicates available on Blu-ray
  • ** indicates available on DVD
  • * indicates No disc
Title Year IMDb Rating
*** The Third Eye 1966 The Third Eye (1966) on IMDb
*** The Designated Victim 1971 The Designated Victim (1971) on IMDb
*** The Crimes of the Black Cat 1972 The Crimes of the Black Cat (1972) on IMDb
*** Hotel Fear 1978 Hotel Fear (1978) on IMDb
*** Nothing Underneath 1985 Nothing Underneath (1985) on IMDb
*** The Killer Is Still Among Us 1986 The Killer Is Still Among Us (1986) on IMDb
*** Too Beautiful to Die 1988 Too Beautiful to Die (1988) on IMDb
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