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Poster of T-Men

The raw, savage, screen-searing story of the Treasury’s tough guys!

Selected disc options for T-Men

ClassicFlix box art
ClassicFlix BD-A/US 2017
ClassicMedia box art
ClassicMedia DVD-1/US/OOP 2005
VCI box art
Audio Commentary by Alan K. Rode has extra
Dark Reflections, Part 1 - With Max Allan Collins (6:47) has extra
Into the Darkness: Mann, Alton and “T-Men” (10:38) has extra
A Director’s Daughter - Interview with Nina Mann (Daughter of Director Anthony Mann) (9:18) has extra

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  • ClassicFlix’s Blu-ray includes a 24-page booklet with writing by Max Alvarez. It is also available (without extras) in the “John Alton Film Noir Collection” (2018) on the same disc with He Walked by Night (1948) and Raw Deal (1948).
  • ClassicMedia’s DVD contains no extras. It is also available in the “Gangsters, Guns & Floozies Crime Collection” box set with Let ’em Have It (1935), Raw Deal (1948), I Mobster (1959) and Pretty Boy Floyd (1960).
  • VCI’s DVD is included in the “Anthony Mann Film Noir” box set with Raw Deal (1948).