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He Walked by Night

Poster of He Walked by Night

He held a loaded gun at the heart of a great city!

Selected disc options for He Walked by Night

Kino box art
Kino BD-A/US 2024
ClassicFlix box art
ClassicFlix BD-A/US/OOP 2017
MGM box art
MGM DVD-R-0/US 2014
MGM box art
Audio Commentary by Imogen Sara Smith has extra
Audio Commentary by Julie Kirgo and Alan K. Rode has extra has extra
Below the Surface: “He Walked by Night” (11:47) has extra
Stills Gallery (2:06) has extra

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  • ClassicFlix’s Blu-ray includes a 24-page booklet with writing by Max Alvarez.
  • MGM’s “Limited Edition Collection” DVD-R contains no extras.
  • MGM’s DVD contains no extras.