Amicus Films: Anthologies

Amicus’ Anthology Films

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Title Year IMDb Rating
*** Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors 1965 Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors (1965) on IMDb
*** Torture Garden 1967 Torture Garden (1967) on IMDb
*** The House That Dripped Blood 1971 The House That Dripped Blood (1971) on IMDb
*** Asylum 1972 Asylum (1972) on IMDb
*** Tales from the Crypt 1972 Tales from the Crypt (1972) on IMDb
*** Vault of Horror 1973 Vault of Horror (1973) on IMDb
*** From Beyond the Grave 1974 From Beyond the Grave (1974) on IMDb
7 titles

Book recommendations

  • Amicus: The Friendly Face of Fear

    Allan Bryce
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  • Amicus: The Studio That Dripped Blood

    Allan Bryce
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  • English Gothic: Classic Horror Cinema 1897-2015

    Jonathan Rigby
    Purchase on Amazon
  • The Overlook Film Encyclopedia: Horror

    Phil Hardy
    Purchase on Amazon
  • Poe Pictures: The Film Legacy of Edgar Allan Poe

    Bruce G. Hallenbeck
    Purchase on Amazon
  • The Shrieking Sixties: British Horror Films 1960-1969

    Darrell Buxton
    Purchase on Amazon
  • Sixties Shockers: A Critical Filmography of Horror Cinema, 1960-1969

    Mark Clark, Bryan Senn
    Purchase on Amazon
  • Ten Years of Terror: British Horror Films of the 1970s

    Harvey Fenton, David Flint
    Purchase on Amazon
  • Uneasy Dreams: The Golden Age of British Horror Films, 1956-1976

    Gary A. Smith
    Purchase on Amazon
  • A Vault of Horror

    Keith Topping
    Purchase on Amazon