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The Crimson Kimono

Poster of The Crimson Kimono

Love came as a shock to this pretty American girl and this Japanese boy!

Selected disc options for The Crimson Kimono

Kit Parker box art
Kit Parker BD-ALL/US 2019
Twilight Time box art
Twilight Time BD-ALL/US/OOP 2017
Indicator box art
Indicator BD-ALL/UK/OOP 2018
Sony box art
Sony DVD-R-0/US 2014
Sony box art
Sony DVD-1/US/OOP 2009
Sam Fuller on Henry Chapier’s Couch (21:45) has extra
Sam Fuller Storyteller (24:14) has extra has extra
Switch-Hitting Between Three Triangles: Samuel Fuller’s “The Crimson Kimono” (14:50) has extra
The Typewriter, the Rifle & the Movie Camera: Rushes Tapes 01-06 (x6, 193:42) has extra
The Culture of “The Crimson Kimono” - Interview with Curtis Hanson (9:23) has extra has extra has extra
Stills Gallery (18 Images) has extra
Isolated Score has extra
Theatrical Trailer 1 (1:02) has extra has extra
Theatrical Trailer 2 (0:22) has extra has extra
Theatrical Trailer 3 (1:51) has extra has extra

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