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The Big Combo

Poster of The Big Combo

He knew what she was, but be couldn’t forget the sight of her… the scent of her… the touch of her!

Selected disc options for The Big Combo

Olive box art
Olive BD-A/US/OOP 2013
Arrow box art
Arrow BD-ALL/UK 2017
Image box art
Image DVD-0/US/OOP 2000
Audio Commentary by Eddie Muller has extra
Wagon Wheel Joe - Video Essay by David Cairns (19:00) has extra
Interview with Geoff Andrew (19:20) has extra
Original Screenplay (PDF) has extra

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  • Olive’s Blu-ray contains no extras.
  • Arrow’s Blu-ray is included in the “Four Film Noir Classics” box set with The Dark Mirror (1946), Secret Beyond the Door… (1947) and Force of Evil (1948). It contains a booklet with writing by Michael Brooke, David Cairns, Tony Rayns and Andrew Spicer. Reissued without booklet (2020/07/13) and individually (2018/06/25).
  • Image’s DVD contains no extras.