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Force of Evil

Poster of Force of Evil

A racketeer of evil… barricaded against the law!

Selected disc options for Force of Evil

Kino box art
Kino BD-A/US 2023
Olive box art
Olive BD-ALL/US/OOP 2012
Arrow box art
Arrow BD-ALL/UK 2017
Lions Gate box art
Lions Gate DVD-1/US/OOP 2004
Audio Commentary by Imogen Sara Smith has extra
Audio Commentary by Glenn Kenny and Farran Smith Nehme has extra
Introduction by Martin Scorsese (3:33) has extra has extra has extra
An Autopsy on Capitalism - Video Essay by Frank Krutnik (37:33) has extra
Commentary on Selected “Force of Evil” Themes by Frank Krutnik (9:09, 10:25) has extra
Lux Radio Theatre: “Body and Soul” - With Actor John Garfield (Radio Adaptation, 59:58) has extra
Radio Programmes about “Un-American Activity Witch Hunts” (29:00, 28:51) has extra
Theatrical Trailer (1:33) has extra

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  • Arrow’s Blu-ray is included in the “Four Film Noir Classics” box set with The Dark Mirror (1946), Secret Beyond the Door… (1947) and The Big Combo (1955). It contains a booklet with writing by Michael Brooke, David Cairns, Tony Rayns and Andrew Spicer. Reissued without booklet (2020/07/13) and individually (2018/06/11).
  • Lions Gate’s DVD contains no extras.