House of the Long Shadows

  • Country of origin: UK
  • Year released: 1983
  • Genre: Comedy, Horror, Mystery
  • Director: Pete Walker
  • Length: 102 min
  • IMDb rating: House of the Long Shadows (1983) on IMDb

Selected disc options for House of the Long Shadows

Kino box art
Kino BD-A/US 2015
Koch box art
Koch BD-B/DE/OOP 2012
Final Cut box art
Final Cut DVD-0 PAL/UK/OOP 2012
MGM box art
MGM DVD-R-0/US 2011
Audio Commentary by Director Pete Walker and Derek Pykett has extra has extra
Audio Commentary by Film Historian David Del Valle has extra
“House of the Long Shadows”...Revisted (95:59) has extra
Pete Walker’s House of Horror - Interview with Director Pete Walker (14:48) has extra
Stills Gallery (0:49) has extra
Theatrical Trailer (2:27) has extra


  • MGM’s DVD-R contains no extras.

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