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aka Daughter of Horror

Poster of Dementia

Selected disc options for Dementia

Cohen box art
Cohen BD-A/US 2022
BFI box art
BFI BD-B/UK 2020
Kino box art
Kino DVD-1/US/OOP 2000
Audio Commentary by Kat Ellinger has extra
“Dementia”: A Case Study - Illustrated Essay has extra
Before & After: Restoring “Dementia” (3:13) has extra has extra
Trailers from Hell with Joe Dante (2:28) has extra
Still Gallery [Kino] - Pressbook, Photos has extra
Stills Gallery [BFI] (2:02) has extra
Restoration Trailer (1:15) has extra
Theatrical Trailer (1:00) has extra has extra
Theatrical Trailer as “Daughter of Horror” (0:58) has extra has extra
“Alone with the Monsters” (Short, 1958, 15:44) has extra

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  • BFI’s Blu-ray includes a 28-page booklet with writing by Ian Schultz (“‘Dementia’ and the Art of Horror”) and William Fowler (“Complex Parentage: ‘Daughter of Horror’”).