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A Bucket of Blood

Poster of A Bucket of Blood

You’ll be sick, sick, sick – from laughing!

Selected disc options for A Bucket of Blood

Olive box art
Olive BD-A/US/OOP 2019
The Film Detective box art
The Film Detective BD-ALL/US 2015
MGM box art
Audio Commentary by Elijah Drenner has extra
Bits of Bucket (7:14) has extra
Call Me Paisley - Interview with Dick and Lainie Miller (11:33) has extra
Creation Is. All Else is Not - Interview with Director Roger Corman (7:51) has extra
Archival Audio Interview with Writer Charles B. Griffith (20:09) has extra
Prologue from German Release (9:48) has extra
Stills Gallery (5:02) has extra
Film Notes - Written by Caelum Vatnsdal (9 Screens) has extra
German Theatrical Trailer (2:20) has extra
US Theatrical Trailer (1:46) has extra
Super 8 Version (8:18) has extra

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  • The Film Detective’s BD-R contains no extras.
  • MGM’s DVD contains no extras. It is also available in “The Roger Corman Collection” box set.