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Cold Light of Day

aka Killers Kiss

Poster of Cold Light of Day

Selected disc options for Cold Light of Day

Arrow box art
Arrow BD-ALL/US 2020
Audio Commentary by Dean Brandum and Andrew Nette has extra
Audio Commentary by Director/Writer Fhiona-Louise has extra
Scenes of the Crime - With Director/Writer Fhiona-Louise and Ewan Cant (12:38) has extra
Playing the Victim - Interview with Actor Martin Byrne-Quinn (15:49) has extra
Risky Business - Interview with Actor Steve Munroe (5:25) has extra
Original Promo Film (4:39) has extra
Re-Release Trailer (2020, 1:04) has extra
“Metropolis Apocalypse” (Short, 1988, 9:16) has extra
“Sleepwalker” (Short, 1993, 3:29) has extra

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  • Arrow’s Blu-ray includes a booklet with writing by Josephine Botting and Jeff Billington.