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Prom Night

Poster of Prom Night

If you’re not back by midnight… you won’t be coming home!

Selected disc options for Prom Night

Synapse box art
Synapse BD-A/US 2014
101 Films box art
101 Films BD-B/UK/OOP 2019
Echo Bridge box art
Echo Bridge DVD-1/US 2007
Anchor Bay box art
Anchor Bay DVD-1/US/OOP 1998
Audio Commentary by Director Paul Lynch and Screenwriter William Gray, Moderated Paul Jankiewicz has extra has extra
Audio Commentary by Paul McEvoy and Jake West has extra
The Horrors of Hamilton High: The Making of “Prom Night” (41:04) has extra has extra
Chasing the Final Girl (20:37) has extra
Interview with Director Paul Lynch (15:43) has extra
Additional Footage Added for Television Broadcast - With Introduction by Editor Michael MacLaverty (11:11) has extra has extra
Outtakes (23:15) has extra has extra
Stills Gallery (74 Images, 6:20) has extra has extra
Theatrical Trailer (1:45) has extra has extra has extra
TV Spots (x6, 3:17) has extra has extra
Radio Spots (x2, 1:06) has extra has extra

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  • 101 Films’ Blu-ray includes a 28-page booklet with writing by Dave Alexander (“Just Some Fucking Nerdy Brother: ‘Prom Night’ and the Strange Case of the Canadian Slashers”) and James Burrell (“Dance ’Til You’re Dead: Composer Paul Zaza Remembers the Music of ‘Prom Night’”). Reissued without booklet (2020/04/27).
  • Echo Bridge’s DVD contains no extras.
  • Anchor Bay’s DVD includes a booklet.