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Nightmare Alley

Poster of Nightmare Alley

Selected disc options for Nightmare Alley

Criterion box art
Criterion BD-A/US 2021
Signal One box art
Signal One BD-B/UK 2022
20th Century Fox box art
20th Century Fox DVD-R-0/US/OOP 2017
20th Century Fox box art
20th Century Fox DVD-1/US/OOP 2005
Eureka box art
Eureka DVD-2/UK/OOP 2005
Audio Commentary by Michael Brooke and Johnny Mains has extra
Audio Commentary by Alain Silver and James Ursini has extra has extra has extra has extra
Introduction by Woody Haut (9:03) has extra
Interview with Imogen Sara Smith (31:52) has extra
Interview with Actress Coleen Gray (2007, 12:41) has extra
Interview with Todd Robbins (19:18) has extra
Interview with Woody Haut (25:29) has extra
Archival Audio Interview with Director Henry King on Actor Tyrone Power (1971, 9:36) has extra
Stills Gallery has extra
Theatrical Trailer (2:30) has extra has extra has extra has extra
Continuity and Dialogue Script, Musical Cue Sheet (PDF, 157, 17 Pages) has extra

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  • Criterion’s Blu-ray includes a fold-out booklet with writing by Kim Morgan (“The Fool Who Walks In Motley…”) and six tarot cards.
  • 20th Century Fox’s “Fox Film Noir” DVD includes a 4-page booklet. Trailers included: Laura (1944), The Dark Corner (1946), The Street with No Name (1948), Panic in the Streets (1950) and House of Bamboo (1955).
  • Eureka’s “The Masters of Cinema Series” DVD includes a 32-page booklet with writing by Woody Haut.