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Mondo cane

aka Mondo Cane No. 1

Poster of Mondo cane

Selected disc options for Mondo cane

Blue Underground box art
Blue Underground DVD-1/US/OOP 2003
The Godfathers of Mondo (89:10) has extra
Audio Lobby Promo has extra
Benito Frattari’s Location Stills (267 Images) has extra
Stills Gallery (90 Images) has extra
“The Unofficial Mondo Phenomenon” - By David Flint (28 Screens) has extra
English International Trailer (4:47) has extra
Italian International Trailer (4:47) has extra
US Theatrical Trailer (2:31) has extra
TV Spot (1:02) has extra

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  • Blue Underground’s DVD is included in the “The Mondo Cane Collection” box set. It is also available without “The Godfathers of Mondo” documentary, individually and in the “Midnight Movies: Mondo Triple Feature” and “Shockumentaries, Vol. 1” box sets.