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Africa addio

aka Africa Blood and Guts

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Blue Underground box art
Blue Underground DVD-1/US/OOP 2003
The Godfathers of Mondo (89:10) has extra
Stills Gallery (1:26) has extra
US Theatrical Trailer 1 (3:48) has extra
US Theatrical Trailer 2 (2:28) has extra
TV Spot (0:57) has extra
Director’s Cut (138:30) has extra
US Press Book (PDF) has extra

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  • Blue Underground’s DVD is included in the “The Mondo Cane Collection” box set. It is also available individually as “Africa Blood & Guts” without “The Godfathers of Mondo” documentary and the “Director’s Cut”; and in the “Midnight Movies: Shockumentary Triple Feature” and “Shockumentaries, Vol. 2” box sets with the documentary but without the “Director’s Cut”. The “Director’s Cut” is available separately in the “Shockumentary Extreme Collection” and contains no extras.