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Footprints on the Moon

aka Le orme; Footprints

Poster of Footprints on the Moon

Selected disc options for Footprints on the Moon

Severin box art
Severin BD-A/US 2022
Shameless box art
Shameless DVD-0 PAL/UK/OOP 2009
Audio Commentary by Kat Ellinger has extra
Introduction by Kier-La Janisse has extra
Nicoletta Elmi: Italian Cinema’s Imp Ascendent - Video Essay by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Craig Martin has extra
Light of the Moon - Interview with Cinematographer Vittorio Storaro has extra
To the Moon - Interview with Actress Ida Galli has extra
English Credits (3:04) has extra
Stills Gallery (1:20) has extra
English Theatrical Trailer (2:49) has extra
Theatrical Trailer has extra
US Video Teaser (0:34) has extra