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Poster of Tormented

A terrifying story of supernatural passion!

Selected disc options for Tormented

Film Masters box art
Film Masters BD-A/US 2024
Anolis box art
Anolis BD-B/DE 2022
Warner box art
Warner DVD-R-0/US 2013
Audio Commentary by Gary D. Rhodes has extra
Audio Commentary by Mirko Rekittke and Ingo Strecker (In German) has extra
Introduction by Frank Conniff has extra
Bigger Than Life: Bert I. Gordon in the 1950’s and 1960’s - With C. Courtney Joyner has extra
Bert I. Gordon: The Amazing Colossal Filmmaker - Archival Interview with Director/Writer/Producer Bert I. Gordon has extra
Interview with Susan Gordon (Daughter of Director/Writer/Producer Bert I. Gordon) (6:34) has extra
Trailers From Hell with Mick Garris (1:59) has extra
Stills Gallery - Photos, Film Programme, German Media Book (3:24, 0:55, 1:08) has extra
German Theatrical Trailer (1:57) has extra
US Theatrical Trailer (1:56) has extra
MST3K: “Tormented” has extra

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  • Film Masters’ Blu-ray includes a booklet with writing by Tom Weaver.
  • Anolis’ Blu-ray includes a 28-page booklet (in German).
  • Warner’s “Archive Collection” DVD-R contains no extras.