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Poster of Thor

Selected disc options for Thor

Paramount box art
Paramount BD-ALL 3D/US/OOP 2011
Audio Commentary by Director Kenneth Branagh has extra
Assembling the Troupe (4:44) has extra
A Conversation (2:23) has extra
Creating Laufey (5:33) has extra
From Asgard to Earth (19:42) has extra
Hammer Time (6:14) has extra
Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant (3:57) has extra
Music of the Gods (2:05) has extra
Our Fearless Leader (3:18) has extra
Road to the Avengers (2:57) has extra
Deleted/Extended Scenes - With Optional Commentary by Director Kenneth Branagh (x11, 24:34) has extra
Teaser Trailer (2:28) has extra
Theatrical Trailer (2:25) has extra

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