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The Silencers

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  • The Silencers is generally regarded as the best of the four Matt Helm movies … If that’s true then woe be the Matt Helm completist. This isn’t the worst of the ’60s spy films, but it may be the worst to spawn a series. Only hardcore fans of the genre and Dean Martin himself will have the patience to sit through such a limp effort. … The picture’s one saving grace is its opening number, a phenomenal piece of kitsch with Las Vegas showgirl types dancing (some of it by a very sexy Cyd Charisse) and stripping over the main titles, set to Elmer Bernstein and Mack David’s brassy title tune, sung by Vicki Carr. Sadly, nothing in the rest of the film comes close to the lively camp of this opening.

    Stuart Galbraith IV, “The Silencers” DVD review (DVD Talk, 2003)

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Columbia DVD-1/US/OOP 2005
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      • Length:1:42:27.641
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