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The Rape of the Vampire

aka Le viol du vampire; La reine des vampires; Vampire Women; Queen of the Vampires

  • Year:1968
  • Country of origin: France
  • Genre: Horror
  • Director: Jean Rollin
  • Length: 95 min
  • IMDb rating: The Rape of the Vampire (1968) on IMDb
Poster of The Rape of the Vampire

The only consistently interesting director of horror films working in France, Rollin embues his films with a sense of surrealist cinephilia that transforms them into a series of striking, poetic images at the expense of narrative coherence and weaves a highly decorative fetishistic eroticism into the stylized compositions, which are often reminiscent of comic strip art.

Phil Hardy, Ed., The Overlook Film Encyclopedia: Horror (The Overlook Press, 1995)

Selected disc options for The Rape of the Vampire

Redemption box art
Redemption BD-ALL/US 2012
Black House box art
Black House BD-B/UK 2018
Redemption box art
Redemption DVD-1/US/OOP 2002
Encore box art
Encore DVD-0/NL/OOP 2007
Audio Commentary by Director/Co-Writer Jean Rollin has extra
Introduction by Director/Co-Writer Jean Rollin (1998, 2:45) has extra
Fragments of Pavement Under the Sand: The Making of “The Rape of the Vampire” (23:46) has extra
L’histoire de La Nuit des horloges (The Story of the Night of Clocks) - Interview with Director/Co-Writer Jean Rollin (2007, 22:29) has extra
Mister Wolf and the Cheshire Cat - Interview with Actor Jean-Loup Philippe (2012, 9:17) has extra
Interview with Actor/Co-Writer Alain Yves Beaujour (2007, 20:04) has extra
Interview with Actress Jacqueline Sieger (2007, 14:07) has extra
Interview with Composer François Tusques (2007, 13:30) has extra
Interview with Director/Co-Writer Jean Rollin (2007, 4:26) has extra
Alternate “Clothed” Scene (2:08) has extra
Censored Scenes (1:14, 1:10) has extra
Stills Gallery [Encore] (6:23, 9:29) has extra
Stills Gallery [Redemption] has extra
Theatrical Trailer (4:30) has extra has extra has extra
“The Far Country” - By Director Jean Rollin (Short, 1965, 16:24) has extra
“The Yellow Loves: Inspired by Tristan Corbière” - By Director Jean Rollin (Short, 1958, 10:37) has extra


  • Redemption’s Blu-ray includes a 16-page booklet with writing by Tim Lucas (“The Cinema of Jean Rollin: The Bizarre Melodrama of Jean Rollin”). It is also available in “The Cinema of Jean Rollin, Series One: The Vampire Films” with The Nude Vampire (1970), Requiem for a Vampire (1971) and The Shiver of the Vampires (1971).
  • Redemption’s “Widescreen Edition” DVD is also available in “The Vampire Collection” box set with Requiem for a Vampire (1971) and The Shiver of the Vampires (1971).
  • Encore’s “The Collectors Edition” DVD includes a 32-page booklet with writing by director Jean Rollin.