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The Most Dangerous Game

Poster of The Most Dangerous Game

Strange and terrible is the story of Zaroff, fascinating fiend, who hunted men like animals for the sporting thrill.

Selected disc options for The Most Dangerous Game

Flicker Alley box art
Flicker Alley BD-ALL/US 2012
Eureka box art
Eureka BD-B/UK 2022
Wicked-Vision box art
Wicked-Vision BD-ALL/DE 2019
Legend box art
Legend DVD-1/US/OOP 2008
Criterion box art
Criterion DVD-0/US 1999
Audio Commentary by Bruce Eder has extra
Audio Commentary by Dr. Rolf Giesen has extra
Audio Commentary by Dr. Rolf Giesen and Dr. Gerd Naumann has extra
Audio Commentary by Rick Jewell has extra
Audio Commentary by Stephen Jones and Kim Newman has extra
Introductions by Dr. Rolf Giesen (4:11, 5:57) has extra
“The Most Dangerous Game”: The Remakes (5:35) has extra
Composer John Morgan on Max Steiner (7:14) has extra
James V. D’Arc: Curator Merian C. Cooper Papers, BYU (4:29) has extra
Ray Harryhausen on the Importance of a Movie Score (2:30) has extra
Interview with Kim Newman has extra
Interview with Stephen Thrower has extra
Audio Interview Excerpts with Associate Producer Merian C. Cooper - Conducted by Film Historian Kevin Brownlow (8:03) has extra
Stills Gallery (4:04) has extra
German Theatrical Trailer (0:57) has extra
Colourized Version (63:49) has extra


  • Flicker Alley’s Blu-ray includes a booklet with notes by Merian C. Cooper and an essay by Eric Schaefer. It also includes Gow, The Headhunter (1931).
  • Eureka’s Blu-ray includes a booklet with writing by Craig Ian Mann.
  • Wicked-Vision’s Blu-ray includes a 52-page booklet with writing by Clemens G. Williges (in German and English).
  • Legend’s DVD is also available with “The Ray Harryhausen Double Feature” Blu-ray of She (1935) and Things to Come (1936).
  • Criterion’s DVD includes a 6-page booklet. It is also available in the “Great Adaptations” box set.