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The Mephisto Waltz

Poster of The Mephisto Waltz

Brace yourself for the ultimate transplant. The human soul.

Selected disc options for The Mephisto Waltz

Kino box art
Kino BD-A/US 2017
Signal One box art
Signal One BD-B/UK 2017
20th Century Fox box art
20th Century Fox DVD-1/US/OOP 2007
Audio Commentary by Actress Pamelyn Ferdin has extra
Audio Commentary by Bill Cooke has extra
Audio Commentary by Tim Greer and Nathaniel Thompson has extra
Dancing with the Devil: An Appreciation of “The Mephisto Waltz” - Visual Essay by Michael MacKenzie (18:52) has extra
Stills Gallery [20th Century Fox] has extra
Stills Gallery [Signal One] (22 Images) has extra
Theatrical Trailer (2:26) has extra has extra has extra

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