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The Little Shop of Horrors

Poster of The Little Shop of Horrors

The flowers that kill in the Spring TRA-LA

Selected disc options for The Little Shop of Horrors

Film Masters box art
Film Masters BD-A/US 2023
Legend box art
Legend BD-ALL/US/OOP 2012
Shout! Factory box art
Shout! Factory DVD-0/US 2011
Audio Commentary by Actor Jonathan Haze and Justin Humphreys has extra
Audio Commentary by MST3K’s Mike Nelson has extra
Trailers from Hell with Director Joe Dante (2:04) has extra
Theatrical Trailer (1:26) has extra

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  • Film Masters’ Blu-ray of The Terror (1963) includes this film as a bonus.
  • Legend’s Blu-ray includes a colourized version.
  • Shout! Factory’s Trailers from Hell!, Volume Two DVD includes this film as an extra.