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The Iron Rose

aka La rose de fer

  • Year:1973
  • Country of origin: France
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance
  • Director: Jean Rollin
  • Length: 86 min
  • IMDb rating: The Iron Rose (1973) on IMDb
Poster of The Iron Rose

Selected disc options for The Iron Rose

Redemption box art
Redemption BD-ALL/US 2012
Wicked-Vision box art
Wicked-Vision BD-ALL/DE/OOP 2018
Black House box art
Black House BD-B/UK 2017
Redemption box art
Redemption DVD-0/US/OOP 2007
Audio Commentary by Pelle Felsch, Lars Dreyer-Winkelmann and Daniel Perée has extra
Introduction by Director Jean Rollin (1:16) has extra has extra
Nights at the Cemetery has extra
Interview with Actress Françoise Pascal (22:01) has extra
Interview with Actress Natalie Perrey (8:40) has extra
Interview with Director Jean Rollin has extra
English Opening Title Sequence (2:20) has extra has extra
Stills Gallery [Redemption] has extra
Stills Gallery [Wicked-Vision] has extra
Stills Gallery for “Les pays loin” has extra
French Theatrical Trailer has extra
German Theatrical Trailer has extra
Theatrical Trailer (3:42) has extra
US Theatrical Trailer has extra
“Les pays loin” (The Far Countries) - By Director Jean Rollin (Short, 1965, 15:39) has extra


  • Redemption’s Blu-ray includes a 16-page booklet with writing by Tim Lucas (“The Cinema of Jean Rollin: The Bizarre Melodrama of Jean Rollin”).
  • Wicked-Vision’s Blu-ray is available in three Mediabook editions, each containing a 24-page booklet with writing by Pelle Felsch (“La Poésie Phantastique - The Sinful Cinema of Jean Rollin, Part 6”) and David Renske.