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The Colossus of New York

Poster of The Colossus of New York

Selected disc options for The Colossus of New York

Kino box art
Kino BD-A/US 2024
Olive box art
Olive BD-A/US/OOP 2012
Olive box art
Olive DVD-1/US 2011
Audio Commentary by Ron Adams, Larry Blamire and Tom Weaver has extra
Sidebar on “The Colossus of New York” - With Steven Bissette and Tim Lucas has extra
Theatrical Trailer has extra

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  • Kino’s Blu-ray is included in the “Sci-Fi Chillers Collection” box set with The Unknown Terror (1957) and Destination Inner Space (1966).
  • Olive’s Blu-ray contains no extras.
  • Olive’s DVD contains no extras.