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The Chase

Poster of The Chase

Selected disc options for The Chase

Twilight Time box art
Twilight Time BD-A/US/OOP 2016
Umbrella box art
Umbrella BD-B/AU 2021
Indicator box art
Indicator BD-ALL/UK 2020
Columbia box art
Columbia DVD-1/US 2004
Audio Commentary by David Del Valle has extra
Audio Commentary by Lem Dobbs, Julie Kirgo and Nick Redman has extra has extra
Cut to “The Chase” - Interview with Actor James Fox (24:03) has extra
Step Back and Let Him Go - Interview with Director Arthur Penn (1996, 26:08) has extra
Interview with Matthew Penn (Son of Director Arthur Penn) (9:02) has extra
Stills Gallery (33 Images) has extra
Isolated Score has extra has extra
Theatrical Trailer (3:26) has extra has extra has extra
Super 8 Version (20:01) has extra

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  • Twilight Time’s Blu-ray includes an 8-page booklet with writing by Julie Kirgo.
  • Indicator’s 2017 OOP Blu-ray includes a 30-page booklet with writing by Christian Newland (“The Chase”).
  • Columbia’s DVD contains no extras.