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The Assassination Bureau

Poster of The Assassination Bureau

Zeppelins. Bombs. Bordellos. Burials. You name it. We have it.

Selected disc options for The Assassination Bureau

Arrow box art
Arrow BD-A/US 2023
Imprint box art
Imprint BD-ALL/AU 2021
Warner box art
Warner DVD-R-0/US 2013
Paramount box art
Paramount DVD-1/US/OOP 2004
Audio Commentary by Kevin Lyons has extra
Audio Commentary by Sean Hogan and Kim Newman has extra
Diana Rigg: A Tribute - Video Essay by Kat Ellinger (23:50) has extra
Right Film, Wrong Time - Interview with Matthew Sweet (27:30) has extra
Interview with Kim Newman (14:11) has extra
Stills Gallery [Arrow] (63 Images) has extra
Stills Gallery [Imprint] (4:10) has extra
Theatrical Trailer (3:02) has extra has extra

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  • Arrow’s Blu-ray includes a booklet with writing by Katherine McLaughlin and six reproduction lobby cards.
  • Paramount’s “Widescreen Collection” DVD contains no extras.