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The Amusement Park

Poster of The Amusement Park

“See you in the park, someday”

Selected disc options for The Amusement Park

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RLJ BD-A/US 2022
Audio Commentary by Actor/Assistant Cameraman Michael Gornick, Moderated by Michael Felsher has extra
Bill & Bonnie’s Excellent Adventure - Interview with Script Girl Bonnie Hinzman (10:00) has extra
For Your Amusement - Interview with Artist Ryan Carr (11:05) has extra
Re-Opening the “Park” - Interview with Suzanne Desrocher-Romero (Wife of Director George A. Romero) (12:02) has extra
Panel Interview (2021, 23:12) has extra
Stills Gallery - Brochure, Script, Photos has extra

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