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Scream of the Demon Lover

aka Il castello dalle porte di fuoco; Blood Castle; Ivanna; Killers of the Castle of Blood

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A walking corpse lusts for revenge

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    With Ivanna, [José Luis] Merino and his Italian co-writer Enrico Colombo took the habitual echoes of Rebecca found in Italian horror and resolved them into a lightly disguised adaptation of its 19th century precursor, Jane Eyre. The result is an anomaly in that it not only features a strong female lead who’s a normal woman rather than one of the remorseless she-devils of yore, but also because it balances her with the kind of Byronic hero-villian that—with the notable exception of Christopher Lee’s Kurt Menliff in La frusta e il corpo—had largely been avoided in Italian Gothic. … Unfortunately, the fiery climax fails to work up the excitement it should, and Luigi Malatesta’s tremulous music is hackneyed throughout. Ivanna survives, however, as an elegant envoi to a style that by 1970 had reached its sell-by date.

    Jonathan Rigby, Euro Gothic: Classics of Continental Horror Cinema (Signum Books, 2016)

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Severin BD-A/US 2023
Retromedia box art
Retromedia DVD-1/US/OOP 2003
Audio Commentary by Rod Barnett and Robert Monell has extra
In the Castle of Blood - Video Essay by Stephen Thrower has extra
Scream Erna Scream! - Interview with Actress Erna Schurer has extra
US Theatrical Trailer with The Velvet Vampire (1971) has extra has extra


Ultimate Edition

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Presentation Retromedia DVD 2003
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      • Codec: MPEG-2
      • Resolution: 480i
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      • Length:1:37:14.762
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      • Language: English Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
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Extras US Theatrical Trailer with The Velvet Vampire (1971) (0:53, 480i) Retromedia DVD