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Poster of Klute

Lots of guys swing with a call girl like Bree. One guy just wants to kill her.

Selected disc options for Klute

Criterion box art
Criterion BD-A/US 2019
Warner box art
Warner DVD-1/US/OOP 2002
“Klute” in New York (8:18) has extra has extra
Pakula (18:04) has extra
The Look of “Klute” - Interview with Writer Amy Fine Collins (25:16) has extra
Alan J. Pakula on “The “Dick Cavett Show” (1978, 27:13) has extra
Interview with Actress Jane Fonda - Conducted by Actress Illeana Douglas (36:05) has extra
Interview with Jane Fonda and Midge MacKenzie (1973, 38:05) has extra
Filmography: Actor Donald Sutherland (4 Screens) has extra
Filmography: Actress Jane Fonda (5 Screens) has extra
Theatrical Trailer (3:04) has extra

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  • Criterion’s Blu-ray includes a 26-page booklet with writing by Mark Harris.