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Kiss Me Quick!

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Selected disc options for Kiss Me Quick!

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Image DVD-0/US/OOP 2001
Audio Commentary by Producer Harry Novak, Moderated by Mike Vraney has extra
Gallery of Sexploitation Art with Radio-Spot Rarities has extra
Theatrical Trailer has extra
“Hot Hot Skin” (Short) has extra
“Natasha’s Suburban Sexercise” (Short) has extra
“Strip Tease Queen” (Short) has extra
“The Nudie Watusi” (Short) has extra
“The Vampire and the Vixen” (Short) has extra
“Werewolf Bongo Party” (Short) has extra

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  • Image’s “Something Weird Video: Monster Nudie Double Feature - Special Edition” DVD also includes House on Bare Mountain (1962); and liner notes by filmmaker Frank Henenlotter.