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Jurassic World

Poster of Jurassic World

Selected disc options for Jurassic World

Universal box art
Universal BD-ALL 4K/US 2022
Universal box art
Universal BD-ALL 3D/US 2015
Welcome to “Jurassic World” (29:52) has extra has extra
“Jurassic World”: All-Access Pass (10:11) has extra has extra
Building the Gyrosphere [Target Exclusive] (4:27) has extra
Chris & Colin Take on the World (8:57) has extra has extra
Classic Jurassic [Target Exclusive] (7:25) has extra
Dinosaurs Roam Once Again (16:29) has extra has extra
The Experts [Target Exclusive] (5:36) has extra
Innovation Center Tour with Chris Pratt (2:01) has extra has extra
Jurassic Props [Target Exclusive] (9:51) has extra
Jurassic’s Closest Shaves - Presented by Barbasol (3:00) has extra has extra
Your Host for “Jurassic World”… Jimmy Fallon! [Target Exclusive] (2:40) has extra
Deleted Scenes (6:08) has extra has extra

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  • Universal’s Australia and Japan Blu-rays include an additional featurette: “The Sounds and the Fury” (12:21).