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Giant from the Unknown

Poster of Giant from the Unknown

The creeping terror that rose from the depths of the unknown!

Selected disc options for Giant from the Unknown

The Film Detective box art
The Film Detective BD-A/US 2021
Image box art
Image DVD-0/US/OOP 2002
Audio Commentary by Tom Weaver has extra
Audio Commentary by Actor Gary Crutcher has extra
The Man with a Badge: Bob Steele in the 1950s - Interview with Film Historian C. Courtney Joyner (9:51) has extra
You’re a B-Movie Star, Charlie Brown - Interview with Actor Gary Crutcher (14:17) has extra
Theatrical Trailer (1:32) has extra has extra

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  • Film Detective’s Blu-ray includes a 12-page booklet with writing by Tom Weaver.
  • Image’s “The Wade Williams Collection” DVD includes liner notes by Tom Weaver. It is also available as a “2-Pak” with Monster from Green Hell (1957).