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Father Goose

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Selected disc options for Father Goose

Olive box art
Olive BD-A/US 2017
Olive box art
Olive BD-A/US 2013
Artisan box art
Artisan DVD-1/US/OOP 2001
Audio Commentary by David Del Valle has extra
Unfinished Business: Cary Grant’s Search for Fatherhood and His Oscar (18:12) has extra
My Father - Interview with Ted Nelson, Son of Director Ralph Nelson (11:26) has extra
Universal Newsreel: “Star of the Year” (1964, 2:32) has extra
Biographies has extra
Essay by Critic Bilge Ebiri has extra

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  • Olive’s 2017 “Olive Signature” Blu-ray includes a booklet with writing by Bilge Ebiri.
  • Olive’s 2013 Blu-ray contains no extras.