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Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade

aka La via della prostituzione

Poster of Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade

Selected disc options for Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade

Severin box art
Severin BD-A/US 2023
Full Moon box art
Full Moon BD-ALL/US 2021
Severin box art
Severin DVD-0/US 2007
Audio Commentary by Lars Nilsen has extra
Come in un film: La Vera Storia di Gabriele (Gastone) Tinti - Documentary by Riccardo Marchesini (2016) has extra
After Hours with Joe D’Amato - Interview with Director Joe D’Amato (12:19) has extra
The Bohemian - Interview with Actor Venantino Venantini has extra
Theatrical Trailer has extra has extra

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  • Severin’s Blu-ray is included in “The Sensual World of Black Emanuelle” box set. It includes a 356-page booklet (“The Black Emanuelle Bible”) and two CDs (“Nico Fidenco’s Groove”, “Black Emanuelle’s Rarities and B-Sides”).
  • Full Moon’s Blu-ray contains no extras.
  • Severin’s DVD is also available in the “Black Emanuelle’s Box, Volume 2” box set with Black Emanuelle 2 (1976) and Black Emmanuelle, White Emmanuelle (1976); and contains a CD of soundtrack recordings.