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aka The Deathmaster; Khorda

Poster of Deathmaster

Eyes like hot coals… fangs like razors! The Deathmaster has escaped from his grave!

Selected disc options for Deathmaster

Retromedia box art
Retromedia DVD-0/US/OOP 2008
Retromedia box art
Retromedia DVD-1/US/OOP 2002
Audio Commentary by Actor Robert Quarry has extra has extra
Stills Gallery has extra has extra
Theatrical Trailer (2:02) has extra
TV Spots has extra
Radio Spots has extra
Vintage “Lucky Strikes” Cigarette Commercial with Actor Robert Quarry (0:59) has extra

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  • Retromedia’s 2008 “The Robert Quarry Collection - Double Creature Feature” DVD also includes Teenage Exorcist (1991).
  • Retromedia’s 2002 DVD is also available as a “2-Pack” with The Faceless Monster (1965).