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Deadly Weapons

Poster of Deadly Weapons

See the mob get busted when “Chesty” takes her revenge.

  • Photo of Nathaniel Thompson

    One of those astounding ’70s drive-in movies that made even the most jaded 42nd Street viewers stop cold in their tracks. … Deadly Weapons is truly a sight to behold. … More of a visually trashy ’70s experience than a coherent narrative, Deadly Weapons wallows in appalling fashion, glittery nightclub decor, garish lighting, and jarring post-sync dubbing that sounds like broadcasts from a different galaxy. … What’s not to love?

    Nathaniel Thompson, DVD Delirium: The International Guide to Weird and Wonderful Films on DVD, Volume 1 Redux (FAB Press, 2006)

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Image BD-A/US 2012
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Image DVD-1/US/OOP 2000
Audio Commentary by Annie Choi and Joseph A. Ziemba has extra
Audio Commentary by Michael Bowen has extra
Gallery of Doris Wishman Exploitation Art has extra has extra
Theatrical Trailer has extra has extra has extra
“Breast Development: Fifties Style” (Short) has extra