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Dark Victory

Poster of Dark Victory

Selected disc options for Dark Victory

Warner box art
Warner BD-ALL/US 2015
Warner box art
Warner DVD-R-0/US 2016
Warner box art
Warner DVD-1/US/OOP 2005
MGM box art
Audio Commentary by James Ursini and Paul Clinton has extra has extra
1939: Tough Competition for “Dark Victory” (9:33) has extra has extra
Lux Radio Theater Broadcast (1940, 59:12) has extra
Vintage Newsreel (2:05) has extra
Theatrical Trailer (3:18) has extra has extra has extra
“Old Hickory” (Short, 1939, 16:50) has extra
“Robin Hood Makes Good” (Animated Short, 1939, 7:47) has extra

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