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Crypt of Dark Secrets

  • Year:1976
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Genre: Crime, Horror
  • Director: Jack Weis
  • Length: 71 min
  • IMDb rating: Crypt of Dark Secrets (1976) on IMDb
Poster of Crypt of Dark Secrets

It penetrates beyond the darkness of sexual possession…

Selected disc options for Crypt of Dark Secrets

Severin box art
Severin BD-ALL/US 2022
Image box art
Image DVD-0/US/OOP 2002
Comic Cover Art Gallery has extra
TV Spot has extra has extra
“Acid Skull” (Short) has extra
“Afro-Cuban Genii” (Short) has extra
“Cigam S’rehtom” (Short) has extra
“Temple Dance” (Short) has extra
“The Hot Pearl Snatch” (Short) has extra
“Voodoo Virgin” (Short) has extra
“Witch Doctor” (Short) has extra
Easter Eggs has extra


  • Severin’s “The Big Sleazy - Jack Weis Double Feature” Blu-ray also includes Death Brings Roses (1975).
  • Image’s “Something Weird Video: A Bewitching Double Feature - Special Edition” DVD also includes The Naked Witch (1961).