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Bowery at Midnight

Poster of Bowery at Midnight

Selected disc options for Bowery at Midnight

Retromedia box art
Retromedia BD-A/US  
Rph box art
Rph DVD-1/US/OOP 2002
Roan Group box art
Roan Group DVD-1/US 2000
Audio Commentary by Film Historian Ted Newsom and Bela Lugosi Jr. has extra
Tribute to a Star - Archival Interview with Actor Bela Lugosi (1951, 4:12) has extra
Stills Gallery (41 Images, 3:42) has extra
“Crime Does Not Pay: Gasoline Cocktail” (Radio Drama Episode, 1949, 26:22) has extra

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  • Retromedia’s Blu-ray also includes The Corpse Vanishes (1942).
  • Roan Group’s DVD contains no extras.