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Blue Steel

Poster of Blue Steel

For a rookie cop, there’s one thing more dangerous than uncovering a killer’s fantasy. Becoming it.

Selected disc options for Blue Steel

Lions Gate box art
Lions Gate BD-A/US 2023
Imprint box art
Imprint BD-ALL/AU/OOP 2022
MGM box art
Audio Commentary by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas has extra
A Profound Emotional Response - Video Essay by Chris O’Neill has extra has extra
Vintage Promo has extra
A Hired Gun - Interview with Editor Lee Percy has extra has extra
The Phallic Woman: Deconstructing “Blue Steel” - Interview with Jennifer Moorman has extra has extra
Staring Down the Barrel - Interview with Production Designer Toby Corbett has extra has extra
Stills Gallery has extra
Theatrical Trailer has extra has extra has extra
TV Spots has extra

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