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Blood Castle

aka Il castello dalle porte di fuoco; Ivanna; Scream of the Demon Lover

  • Year:1970
  • Country of origin: Italy, Spain
  • Genre: Horror
  • Director: José Luis Merino
  • Length: 98 min
  • IMDb rating: Blood Castle (1970) on IMDb
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With Ivanna, [José Luis] Merino and his Italian co-writer Enrico Colombo took the habitual echoes of Rebecca found in Italian horror and resolved them into a lightly disguised adaptation of its 19th century precursor, Jane Eyre. The result is an anomaly in that it not only features a strong female lead who’s a normal woman rather than one of the remorseless she-devils of yore, but also because it balances her with the kind of Byronic hero-villian that—with the notable exception of Christopher Lee’s Kurt Menliff in La frusta e il corpo—had largely been avoided in Italian Gothic. ...Unfortunately, the fiery climax fails to work up the excitement it should, and Luigi Malatesta’s tremulous music is hackneyed throughout. Ivanna survives, however, as an elegant envoi to a style that by 1970 had reached its sell-by date.

Jonathan Rigby, Euro Gothic: Classics of Continental Horror Cinema (Signum Books, 2016)

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Retromedia DVD-1/US/OOP 2003
US Combo Theatrical Trailer as “Scream of the Demon Lover” with The Velvet Vampire (1971) (0:53) has extra


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Extras US Combo Theatrical Trailer as “Scream of the Demon Lover” with The Velvet Vampire (1971) (0:53, 480i) Retromedia DVD